Saturday, 1 September 2012

After the Bombs Bursting in Air, Our Flag Was Still There

What a week!  On Tuesday our battles were intense, but like the rocket's red glare and bombs bursting in air, they gave proof by the end of the convention on Thursday that our flag of liberty has been firmly planted in the Republican Party, and it is still there.

I want to thank all my supporters for helping me to get to Tampa to fight the good fight.  This whole week I had all of you in mind as I worked tirelessly to support the Liberty Movement, and over the course of the next week I will be writing up and sharing a more detailed account of all that transpired, as well as sharing all videos and articles that I was included in.  I was there to do work on your behalf and I never stopped fighting, and I hope as you hear of all my efforts you can be proud that your donation brought me down there.  So many great delegates from across the country led our efforts with such enthusiasm and energy that we were able to accomplish what we believe was a successful voice vote of "nay" for the credentials and rules reports, which should have resulted in the seating of our Maine delegates and the nullification of disastrous rules changes.  Also, thanks to the lead especially of states like Nevada and Iowa we were able to get together SIX states to nominate Dr. Paul, the Champion of the Constitution, for President of the United States.  We know we did not have the votes to win, but Dr. Paul deserved this honor and the great state of Nevada ensured that it was on the record by using their presidential roll call time to announce the states that had placed him into nomination and been ignored.  In what became an embarrassment for the RNC, all of these legitimate actions were ignored, causing widespread indignation from across the spectrum of the Republican Party; thanks to the blatant unfairness, we have forged lasting connections with mainstream Republicans to help us moving into the future.  While we disagree on many fundamental issues, we agree that there should be a fair process and will continue to work together to ensure that all grassroots groups have their fair chance to participate in the Republican Party--for we know that when we have a truly free society and a fair process, liberty will always prevail in the marketplace of ideas.

All of our delegates did such amazing work both as a team and through individual efforts, I am amazed by them all.  My biggest role was to spearhead (along with all the other PA delegates) one of the biggest efforts to spread information to everyone about the problematic rules changes; despite our small numbers, the 5 PA delegates, about 10 alternates and various extremely helpful guests (including our district's own Scott Garsteck, who deserves so much credit for all he has done for us since January) had a huge impact on these efforts; Pennsylvania may have only elected 5 Ron Paul delegates, but as they say about Dr. Paul's whole campaign, we were a mouse that roared!

 I also represented the Pennsylvania Ron Paul delegation at our Wednesday caucus (which I have nicknamed "The Pizza Caucus" as it was held at a Pizza place) wherein 15 delegates, each representing a different state's Ron Paul delegation, set our course of action in response to all grassroots activists being silenced  by the RNC.  This was an amazing event where we actually conducted a fair process to allow each state to have its say and vote on our course of action--we voted to do the Thursday press conference and walk-in to the convention to announce to all Republicans that we are here to stay, with all of our energy and principals, and we will yet bring our party back to its roots.  While Ron Paul is retiring, his revolution is just beginning.  I yielded my seat in that caucus to Delegate Tom Boggia to return to the convention floor early on Wednesday to give more interviews, and later became a small cog in the sub-committee that drafted our press release (big thanks to the delegates from other states who held more major roles on that sub-committee).

Again, I want to thank you for all your support; please stay tuned for more detailed accounts of all the behind the scenes efforts.  In the immortal words of Revolutionary War naval fighter John Paul Jones, we "have not yet begun to fight!"

Thank you, Dr. Paul, for your 30 years of service to Liberty and for starting this Revolution in the Republican Party.  Enjoy your retirement, we are now ready to pick up the torch.  The Republican Party and the US Government is losing one Ron Paul when you retire, but after meeting many amazing delegates, it is clear to me that they are set to gain countless new Ron Pauls from among our ranks.  They have asked us to surrender, and certainly in this cycle we will disperse and each make our own individual choices as to whether to go third party, write-in, abstain, or vote for Romney in hopes he will be better than Obama.  That is left to every individual to decide, but after November we will reconvene the revolution, and we have not yet begun to fight.

Friday, 31 August 2012

Retired Banner

I started this blog for the purpose of housing the chip-in that was responsible for raising a big portion of the money I needed after I was elected as a Delegate to the 2012 Republican National Convention.  The new banner puts in the picture I got with Ron Paul on the Sunday before the Convention as well as removing the 2012 in the Ron Paul sign, replacing it with a thank-you to Dr. Paul.  Ron Paul is no longer running in 2012, it is time to look back and thank him for inspiring us, and look forward towards bringing people into the government that can emulate his legendary statesmanship.  

In addition, it adds a tribute to our yellow "Grassroots" signs we held at our press-conference on the last day of the Convention where we expressed our grievances with an unfair process that keeps out not just us, but everyone who tries to have a voice in this party through the grassroots.

From this point, this blog will post the detailed accounts of my experiences at the 2012 Republican National Convention in as much detail as I can offer to give everyone an understanding of just how amazing the Ron Paul Delegation was and as a tribute to everyone with whom I had the great honor and privilege of working.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Final Push for Tampa!

I'd like to thank everyone for their support!  With all of your help I have raised enough to cover most of the convention expenses.

I am still set to spend a few hundred dollars of my own money, so if anyone is looking for one last thing they can do for the Ron Paul campaign, a donation to defray my remaining costs helps make you a part of a guaranteed vote for Ron Paul and his agenda at the convention.  Any little bit helps!  Use the chip-in button below to help.

After the convention I will send a detailed account of what I witness first hand in Tampa and do my best to put any successes or failures into perspective for you.  It all comes down to this, I go to Tampa to fight for Dr. Paul, his agenda, and his legacy.  May God be with all us delegates as we fight this uphill battle.  Pray and hope for our success as we advance the cause of liberty and try to save our Republic!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Support a Ron Paul Delegate!

My name is Brian Dougherty, I support Ron Paul, and I was elected to serve as a delegate to the Republican National Convention for Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District.  I am also an elected member of the Penn Twp. Republican Committee and am committed to furthering Ron Paul's liberty revolution in the Republican Party--we are the future!  Currently I work as a full time waiter and an off-and-on student, making it difficult to fund the high cost involved in attending the convention.  Please consider contributing $10 or $20 to my chip-in to defray the registration, travel, and hotel costs.  (Registration: $400, Mandatory Delegation Hotel: $1400)  Keep checking back to this blog for information about fundraising events.

My goals at the convention:
For the Presidential Nominee: I intend to vote for Ron Paul and to convince my fellow unbound Pennsylvania Delegates to do the same, or to at least vote for the non-Romney candidate that they originally supported on the first ballot in order to force a brokered convention.
For the Vice-Presidency: I'd like to see someone like Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Tom Woods, Peter Schiff, or Judge Andrew Napolitano.  I will work with other delegates to oppose any potential vice presidential running mate chosen by a nominee that is not a true conservative and does not support the cause of liberty.
For the Platform: Regardless of the outcome of our battle for the nomination, we must ensure that Ron Paul's 2012 campaign has a lasting effect on the Republican Party, making it truly the party of Liberty--both civil and economic.  To that end, the influence that liberty-minded Ron Paul delegates can have on the platform, even if it is mainly symbolic, will help us in the continuing fight for the heart and soul of the party as well as assisting Republican liberty candidates in being nominated and elected in the future.  (For instance, Evan Feinberg, who recently lost his bid to unseat Tim Murphy. Solidifying our positions in the national platform will help pave the way for great liberty-advocating conservatives like Evan to have a solid future in the party.)

The main planks I would like to see included are not going to war without a congressional declaration of war, repealing the patriot act, increasing transparency in the federal reserve and supporting competing currency legislation to make monetary policy competitive, supporting phasing out the federal reserve system and returning monetary policy to the direct supervision of the congress, balancing the budget, and phasing out the federal income tax.